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How to remove bats from your home? 

There are different kinds of pests that can infest our homes. The most common are mice, spiders, ants, wasps, etc. But, sometimes, depending on the area where you live, more unusual pests can appear. Those are bats, and if you live in an area suitable for their reproduction, you must be prepared to face them.

Some facts about bats

Bats vary in size. All ohqdefaultf them are covered in dark hair except for wings which are made of leather skin. They have pointed ears and sharp little teeth which make their appearance not so pleasant. Although there is an illusion that they are very dangerous and that through the time they were associated with various evil forms like witchcraft, blood drinking, sorcery, they are in fact nothing like that. They may be repulsive, but they will not bite or hurt you.

Although their presence is not desirable, you can find them even useful in some way since they feed on insects during the night and in that way, they can help you get rid of some other annoying pests. Their presence can be detected in several ways. They often find one opening through which they enter and leave and since their fur contains a special oil as the time passes this oil can leave the trails in the form of brown and black stains on that particular place. Bats also produce creaking noises in the night which help them move around, and they leave bunches of droppings full of insect parts which enable us to differentiate them from the mouse droppings.

Can they do harm to you?

Apart from this and eating undesirable insects, they cannot hurt you. However, you should remove bats as soon as you notice their presence because they can often be carriers of rabies and their droppings may result in the development of fungus which can cause lung diseases in humans. If you want to get rid of them in the shortest period possible, you should know that they are among the protected species today and that you cannot use some poisonous chemicals to kill them or chase them away. You should be very careful when removing them from your home and if you are not sure how to do this and you need help, it is better that you hire a company specialized in pest control and leave that job to them.

Whom should you hire?

bats-in-houseThe best choice for you would be Prompt Action Pest Control. They are a company with a high reputation and many years of experience in this job. They are specialized in removing various kinds of pests from the homes of their clients and preventing their reappearance. They can provide you with any pest control service including that of removing bats from your home.

They have more than 20 years of experience in this domain, and they do this in a safe way, using an the method which allows bats to leave the place but not to return again. They will also check your home and find and seal all openings so that they cannot enter if they ever return again.  You can fin more on .

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