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Organizing a Local Nurse Out


Become a local Nurse Out Organizer (NOO) for your community!

As a local Nurse Out Organizer, your two main goals in preparation for the week of August 1-7 will be to:

  1. Organize and publicize a local gathering of nursing mothers to nurse in public together, and
  2. Simply encourage mothers in your community to get out and nurse in public during the week (August 1-7)!

Please see "The Difference between a Nurse Out and a Nurse In." Your Nurse Out should be as simple as inviting nursing moms to nurse at the local mall on a specific day! Publicity may be as simple as getting flyers and posters put up in your community! Flyers, press releases and similar materials will be available to you for downloading.

Participating in the ProMoM 2006 National Nurse Out is actively promoting breastfeeding in a public light, saying that breastfeeding is and should be seen as an everyday norm! Please help us help others see breastfeeding in a more positive way!

If you are willing to join us for this exciting event, please visit Our Local Nurse Out Page and register your Nurse Out information. You will be subscribed to our National Nurse Out team email group which is being used to share information, support and updates, and will be sent a copy of our Organizer's Toolkit, which contains all the instructions, forms and information you'll need to proceed! Or you can fill out the form below to have your information included on the loal Nurse Out Organizers webpage!

You can also download the Organizers Took Kit direct from this page as well as Press Releases that can be used to notify local Television and Radio Stations.

To get started organizing your own Local Nurse Out visit our Local Nurse Out's Page