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Mothers Take To Improving Their Golf Swing

Golf is a great sport for moms because it allows you to enjoy a fun-filled experience not only with your friends but also with your kids. This game is awesome because there are many club sizes and balls, as well as specially designed golf courses that can be absorbing for the kids. You can enjoy the game with other moms and friends or with the whole family, whatever you decide, we are sure you’ll have a great time playing this competitive game. Now, if you already are a golf enthusiast, you must work on your swing. They say there isn’t anything more important during the match than your golf swing. In this article, we’ll share some pro tips that come directly from Peak Golf Fitness that will certainly improve your swing.


The quickest and most efficient way for you to improve your golf swing is fixing your fundamentals; let’s see how you can do this effectively.

Properly Setup Your Balance

A critical thing to focus on is your balance. Before taking a swing, you must make sure your weight is balanced in the middle of your feet. It is okay to feel things around. Do these until you feel ready and entirely steady, both in the left-right direction and the front to back direction. To practice your balance and setup here is what you should do before very swing:

  • Push the hips backward to set good posture. A good position is crucial for the right swing.
  • For proper posture, your spine must be angled toward the ball and the left side of your face should be in line with it.
  • To improve your stability, slightly flex your knees and make sure your right side is a bit lower than your left.

Starting the Swing

When starting with a swing, you must always follow the same order, every single time. Firstly focus on the club head, then on your hands and arms, shoulders, and finally the hips. Before you swing back, your hand should be relatively close to your right side. If you don’t do this, your back will be forced to straighten during the takeaway, and that is not okay. Now as you swing, it is crucial to start shifting your weight toward the right, just at the moment when your hands are parallel with your right leg. After your club nearly reaches the ground, it should also be on the level with the target line. If you have performed this successfully, then know that you’re swinging on the right arc. We are aware this probably sounds very complicated, but we gave our best to simplify this for you in words. Of course, you’ll start working things out when you go out on the golf course and start practicing and swinging.

When it comes to the top of the swing, you must keep your wrists hinged when the club is at halfway back, then relax a bit as you turn your shoulders to finish the backswing. At the very top, your shoulders are fully turned and hips turned half that far. Your left arm should be fully straightened out, but not rigid, and the right elbow should be pointing downward. Practicing this exactly as we described it will eventually help you develop a good golf sequence.

Consulting with Professionals Golf Swing Trainers

Reading won’t help you much when it comes to your golf swing, but a lot of practice certainly will! So if you want to really improve your swing, get a few lessons from The ProZone golf swing trainer at an affordable price. After their lessons, at the moment you make contact with the golf ball, you’ll learn to fulfill all the conditions for the perfect swing every single time.