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Learn everything about being a mother



Being a parent can be tricky, but being a mother is like walking on thin ice. Fortunately, there are people who really know a great deal about this delicate issue.

One of them is Jane Evans, a trauma parenting specialist. Her article on reveals some important aspects for those who want to become mothers.

What do we mean by mothering? How to become a mother is an interesting question. It is an individual experience between mother or mother figure and child, yet there are common expectations of a ‘good enough’ experience of being mothered. Namely that a mother will interact in a loving and attentive way with their child, soothe them, teach them, feed and hold them, be interested and involved on a daily basis and put their child’s needs first. Read more

For those who are interested, there is a special kind of mother that has become more and more popular these days. We are talking about a surrogate mother.

WikiHow published an article about the women who want to try this out.


wikiHow to Become a Surrogate Mother

Becoming a surrogate mother requires a generous heart. There are numerous physical, emotional, and legal issues involved, so it is important to carefully consider all of the pros and cons before deciding that this is the right decision for you. The laws regarding surrogacy are different in each US state, so having a good lawyer is a must. Whether you are working with a surrogate agency and are being compensated, or you are trying to help a loved one have a family, do your homework to learn all about surrogacy before you make your final decision. Read more

Many mothers find it difficult to adapt to motherhood because they are not told what to expect. The following video tells you the naked truth about how mothers really feel.

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