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Laughter Is A Moms Best Medicine

Is Laughter Almost As Good For You As Your Mother’s Milk?

Two moms laughing


Laughter is good for your health like your mother’s milk. It might be absurd to correlate the health impact of laughter to the benefits of a mother’s breast milk. But, it’s really true. Both of them have health benefits that are truly awesome. The purpose of this post is to provide you the insight on the health and healing benefits that laughing can bring. You can find laughter in playing with your children or by watching a funny movie or even watching stand up comedy. Stand up comedy is growing in popularity, and with that rise, is coming acts which are both “clean” and raunchy. Making sure you protect your children from cursing before you are ready for it, is best done by monitoring what they watch.

According to LOL Biz, a known authority in the comedy space, who we have spoken with before in this post had this to say.”Watching a stand up comedy routine, whether online, on TV or better yet in person, will often leave your feeling happier, and gives you a chance to escape the craziness of raising young children, as wonderful as that may be… we all deserve a break even if its only for an hour or so.” A spokesperson for the company also had this to say, “Before watching stand up comedy routines in front of your children we always advise looking up the comic to see if the routine he or she delivers are ‘clean’ or ‘family friendly'”.

Laughter can really boost the immune system according to scientific studies. Meaning, every time a person laughs, he or she is boosting his or her immune system dramatically. This is fantastic and is often overlooked by traditional medicine.


Almost everyone can agree that a mother’s milk is known as a complete source of nutrients. By understanding this idea, it can be inferred that the breast milk of a mother is really instrumental to the development of a child. Now, we know that there are certain circumstances where a mother cannot produce milk, or not enough of it, or the child has allergies etc. Overall what we are saying is, that there are natural solutions illnesses, namely in this article we are discussing laughter and breast milk.


Laughter is able to regulate blood sugar. According to several studies, this human activity can really lower your sugar level. This is necessary so that the glucose content in the blood will be controlled and kept at a normal level. Hence, you can avoid harmful diseases, like diabetes.


Third, it helps you burn the fat off. This is one of the major health impacts of laughing every day. Laughing can burn calories which can eventually make you healthy and happy. The calories being burned can be converted into useful energy. This will lead you to fitness and even gasp… “sexiness”.


Fourth, it helps your mind relax. According to several studies conducted in relation to laughing health benefits, doing this activity regularly can really help you relax your mind. Once you’re relaxed, your cells and tissues can function better. Then, you can sleep well at night.


Fifth, this human activity can help you foster a quality life. Since you live healthily and happily, of course, the quality of your life is dramatically high. You can achieve such quality, because you’re stress-free and your body is always active.


In a nutshell, this is quite relevant to the impact of a woman’s lactating activity. The milk produced by the breasts is able to provide the infant with overall health impact. The complete nutrients can trigger the infant’s optimum growth. As the infant it getting older, his or her health is being kept optimally.


The impact of laughing is somehow attributed to this. Why? The main reason lies on the direct result of laughter to the physical body of every human individual. This is really significant in as far as achieving optimum health is concerned.


When you’re an infant, you needed the breast milk, because, according to most  scientific studies, it contains complete nutrients. All the vitamins and minerals can be derived from the mother’s milk. When you’re growing old, you need to laugh daily, regularly. Why? You need to do this because its health benefits is beneficial to you, as was your mother’s milk when you were very young. Don’t deprive yourself with the opportunity to enjoy a high-quality life. Stay healthy and happy. Laugh every single day.


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