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Keep Your Family Pet Healthy By Using Glucosamine For Dogs

glucosamineDogs have been a part of human life for thousands of years, and in order to keep them healthy and living among us, you may need to look into glucosamine for dogs. Genetic testing has shown that all of the breeds that we know of today originally came from wolves that were located in the eastern and western areas of the planet. This means that they were actually domesticated twice, which overrules the thought that all dogs came from a single wolf breed. Eventually, these two domesticated breeds met, and the genetic diversity that we see in dogs today occurred. There are now hundreds of breeds, but one thing that many have in common is the health problems that they can suffer. Arthritis is one of them, but the good news is that glucosamine for dogs has proven to be very effective in treating this condition.

Dogs are not the only animals to suffer from arthritis, humans do as well. Osteoarthritis usually occurs in elderly people and dogs, and is caused by the cartilage in the joints wearing out. This means that when the joint is moved, the bone has no protection, and grinds against the other bone in the joint. This can cause severe pain, a buildup of uric acid, which causes swelling, and it can also distort the joint. When distortion occurs, the problem is irreversible, except by having a joint replaced.

The other type of arthritis is rheumatoid, and this is an autoimmune disease. What this means is that the body’s immune system attacks itself. The triggers for why this occurs are many, and in most cases, can’t be discovered. This means that humans and dogs can suffer from this type of arthritis at any age, including when they’re babies and puppies. Usually, if a canine gets arthritis before the age of eight, then it’s an autoimmune disease, unless the dog is obese.

As food is so readily available for our pet dogs, it means that people often overfeed them. This causes weight gain which in turn puts stress on their joints. Another reason that dogs are becoming more obese is that humans have become lazier, and so fail to exercise their dog properly. A dog should be exercised every day to help keep it at its optimum weight. The healthier a dog is, the longer it will go before any signs of arthritis will appear. A healthy dog will likely live a long life, and not suffer from any kind of arthritis.

So what is glucosamine for dogs? It’s a chemical that the body produces to help maintain the health and stability of the soft cartilage which protects our joints. This wears down with use over the years, and the amount of glucosamine the body produces decreases with age. This is why giving canines a supplement such as glucosamine for dogs is important. It’s advisable to start using this supplement once the dog reaches the age of five, as this will help to support its body and maintain the quality of the cartilage.

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