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Have you ever had a bad experience with your lawyer?

If you have ever had a bad experience with your lawyer, he or she had made a big mistake that cost you money, investment fraud or something even worse, you should know that there is law for them too. No lawyer is above the law.

Most countries have laws that make lawyers accountable for the actions that they take and that they have to act as professionals, to behave ethically and to be responsible. The lawyer you hire often is not ethical clean, and if that happens, you can protect yourself from that.

So, if he fails to respect these things and gets involved in any sort of malpractice, legal actions can be taken against him. They can be sued for misrepresentation, negligence, inappropriate billing, malpractice, breach of fiduciary duties, breach of contracts among many other cases.

download (1) Breach of fiduciary duty lawyer can be sued and a legal malpractice claim may be filed and held against him in the court. The thing you have to do is to prove a claim that you have against him and you have to know that it is very difficult and expensive, you should think about taking that action twice, before you actually get involved with that.

Here are some things you should do first in case you decide to go trough this: meet him and try to solve things out and if you see that you are not moving up, you should complain to a bar association. If none of these works and you have a strength to take a first step on this case, then you should sue your lawyer.

As you are here, if you want that to be effectively, there are some things you must do, such as:

– you should keep your documents impeccable, everything that you have that is related to him: contracts, phone calls, meetings, etc.

– prove how much this whole action will cost you (legal fees and other expenses)

– you have to affirm that the lawyer didn’t act properly and to prove negligence, breach of fiduciary duty and that his misrepresentation had influence on your finances

– you should have documentations that will show where he made a mistake and that he did not want to stay in contact with you (canceled meetings, unreturned calls, etc.)

– you should stay focused on showing his lack of interest for your case and focusing on other clients

– you should determine that after he agreed to handle your case he just passed it on to his assistant and that he charged you for his service too much.

For those kind of litigations, you should probably go to a security lawyer, litigation is one of three main branches that he does (and the other two are transactional and regulatory work). They can handle criminal and civil lawsuits, and enforcement actions as well.

They are learned as any other lawyer, but then they got specialized in resolving security complaints. When you want to hire a security lawyer, you should first ask around for his skills and in his specialization. You should also call a bar association and to ask for a list of security lawyers in your area. That should help you in finding the right one, so you do not have the same problem that you had with the lawyer that mistreated you.

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