There’s a New Mom in Town – Dealing with Pregnancy

The fact that you’re becoming a mother can sometimes be mentally hard, especially if your pregnancy wasn’t planned. You’re probably scared and thrilled at the same time and you probably don’t know where to start or how to feel about your unborn child. You actually don’t have to do anything special once you’re pregnant, you should just start from yourself. If you are becoming a young mom, you will have to quickly change almost your entire lifestyle. You basically need to become more mature to be well prepared when the baby comes. You have to be responsible because soon enough, a little life will completely depend on you.

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From the start of your pregnancy you should focus on your health. You should become aware of your needs and attend them in time. This applies both to your physical and mental needs.  For example if you enjoyed cigarettes, it is very advisable to completely stop smoking (not only during pregnancy) since you’re be smoking around your baby. Not only that you’ll be endangering the health of your baby, you’ll also set a bad example for your child. You should also think positive and make yourself a comfortable environment, especially in work. You should talk about your baby with your partner as much as you can. This is essential for your good mental health during pregnancy. It is normal to have certain fears and desires and you should discuss and share your thoughts with your partner.

If you enjoyed alcohol or weed, you should stop immediately. You may think it is natural because it originates from a plant but it is very harmful for your child. You mustn’t use it during your pregnancy nor while you’re lactating. This can all seriously affect the health of your baby and its normal development. If you feel addicted you should go and have a long talk with your gynecologist or pediatrician. You may be attracted to signs like legal weed for sale in seattle but your days of smoking marijuana are over. Whenever you think about this, just think about your baby and ask yourself how much do you care about it. When your child becomes much older and you have more time for yourself, you can then relax a bit with your husband and purchase some retail weed to have fun.

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Read a lot about pregnancy, birth, baby care and other topics that interest you and try to prepare yourself as much as you can through this reading. Also, do this research with your partner, don’t exclude him from your little discoveries. Talk with your parents about this, try to learn from them and follow their example. If you feel like you don’t have time for all this, you could maybe attend a course about pregnancy and parenting. There, you can meet different women in the same situation as yours. This is a great opportunity to learn from each other and make new friends.

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Even when the baby comes and your life changes, your marriage and sexual relationship have to stay the same or become even better. You are going to be very focused on your child and it will be easy to lose focus on your partner. To prevent this, always have in mind, that the most wonderful gift you can give to your child is a strong marriage full of love. The key of becoming a good mother is to focus on becoming a better person than before and thinking about how to become an ideal role model for your child.

Claiming Your Maternity Benefits

When a woman becomes pregnant she has various rights, and one of those rights are maternity leave and maternity allowance. Dental treatments and all prescriptions during pregnancy are also free, and you may even get free prenatal vitamins and coupons for some food and baby formula milk. It is very important to notice that maternity benefits can be claimed only if a woman who is on a maternity leave is also covered by social insurance. These benefits are paid by the department of social protection only to women who have a number of paid social insurance contributions on their social insurance record. It is easier to have one or more accountants to regularly check your social insurance contributions etc.  Also to claim maternity benefits, future mothers need to have an insurable job up to the first day of their maternity leave. Social insurances contributions can be received also from self-employment.


If you have fulfilled the previous requirements, when you are pregnant, you have the right to maternity leave up to 52 weeks, even if you don’t meet all the requirements for maternity allowance or maternity pay (insurance is the important one). You have the right to start with your maternity leave about 11 weeks before the expected date of childbirth. If you have some other issues, like pregnancy related illness or medical conditions, your maternity leave will start earlier, about four to five weeks before the expected date of childbirth. If you’re interested in statutory maternity pay, you need to know that you have this right if you have been working for the same company (employer) for at least 26 weeks by the end of the 15th week before the baby enters its week of expected birth. This is paid for 39 weeks and it includes a six day payment from Monday to Saturday. If you have two or more jobs, you could probably get maternity pay from each company. This is paid approximately about 90% of your average weekly pay. When you want to claim your maternity pay you need your doctor to give you a certificate at least 20 weeks before the baby is due. You then, need to show this to your boss, at least four weeks before you want to claim this benefit and stop working.


If you do not meet the requirements for maternity payment (SMP), as one of your maternity benefits your boss can give you something called SMP1 – maternity allowance which you can claim from department for work and pensions. You can claim this also if you have low income, are recently unemployed, or if you’re self-employed. This option is best for women who have worked recently. Maternity allowance is also about 90% of your average recent pays. If you want to claim this allowance, you need to inform yourself at your local employment service. If your income is low, you could claim sure start maternity grant (SSMG) which will help you buy some stuff for your baby. You don’t get much, about 500 dollars but it is great that you can spend it on anything you want. People who are adopting a baby can also claim this benefit.

Don’t forget you can also claim free dental care and free prescriptions. To claim this, you need a form from your doctor or midwife and apply for exemption certificate. Always claim everything that belongs to you, if you need more help, you can ask everything your doctor, your insurance company, your boss, and of course your friend. Everybody will be glad to help you claim what you deserve.

How can we be better parents with attic extensions?

A new arrival always means that you need more space – a lot of new families like to expand upwards and convert their loft, either to use as a new guest bedroom to change the use of an existing room, or to a beautiful loft nursery for their baby. For growing families your decision whether to renovate your current home or move into a house that better meets your needs can be the hardest decision, you’ll ever have to make. Some may prefer to have an extra room for family members or to create working office in our home.  That is why sensible attic extension is strongly recommended to create extra space in our home with minor investments.  Its actual decision where we chose from financial and emotional aspect such as how much we like the area around the house vs. the cost of renovating or investment in long term. Today many homeowners don’t have pleasurable renovation experience, but, however, the remodeling doesn’t have to be the big problem. You’ll just have to choose respectable building company, and project managers will be on hand to make the renovation process as seamless and as non-invasive as possible. In the beginning, a surveyor will come to your home and drew up detailed floor plans. Then the architect will meet you to discuss initial design suggestions before submitting a final plan for construction. After you agreed with the plans, a construction team will begin the work. Attic extensions can takes about a month to complete, and workers ensure that the least amount of disruption so homeowners can be stay on put.


Usually, parents for example, turn the attic into a master bedroom with little bathroom for themselves. In most cases the old bedroom that they used has been given to eldest child freeing up the bedroom for another child. As your baby grows, she will enjoy more in space and the privacy of attic bedroom. Attic conversions are quickly becoming the best way to increase the space for family members and especially for the new ones. Psychologists have shown that privacy and own space is essential for developing brains and as your baby gets older and starts having friends to visit, the luxury from attic conventions into the bedroom can give them the space they need to develop and practice their hobbies in peace.


There are also a lot of attic conversion ideas we can use. One of them is to build loft stairs. Local loft conversion company should be able to enable you to make a conversion. We can choose from detached and semi-detached to the end of terrace and terraced houses. Dormer conversion is considered the most versatile of all types of conversions. It is considered most suitable for smaller as well as a lower loft. In a Dormer loft conversion, the existing roof of your house will be extended, with interiors comprising horizontal ceiling and vertical walls. Today attic conversion ideas are quickly becoming the most popular way to increase the space in the family home.