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Announcing TRU-BREAST™

TrueBreast TM A Revolutionary New Method of Infant Feeding!
It's Ready in an Instant!
Less Work for Mother!

With These Patented Features:
  • LUL-A-BYE Sound Unit®, Baby hears same soothing heartbeat he or she has grown accustomed to. While nursing, baby is lulled to sleep.
  • UNBREAKABLE, since baby can't drop it on the floor.
  • KWICK-FIL® Holding Tank stores baby's milk at just the right temperature. Never too hot. Never too cold. Features automatic refill. Never bother with formulas again. Baby less hungry than usual? No need to refrigerate left-overs. Milk stays warm and sterile in Unit. Ready when baby is.
  • TRU-BREAST TM Nursing Units never need sterilizing.
  • KWICK-KLEEN® Nipple. No need to boil this nipple. Made of guaranteed lifetime materials and it can't be accidentally pulled off!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: No wasteful packaging to discard.


TRU-BREAST TM Units solve the problem of storage of baby items until the next baby comes along. They are decorative as well as functional! They come in all sizes, shapes and colors and outward appearance has nothing to do with ability of Units to function. Units come in pairs and improve with use. TRU-BREAST TM makes traveling with baby easier the no-mess, no worry way!

And, best of all, TRU-BREAST TM is absolutely FREE! That's right, unlike formulas and bottles, which can cost thousands of dollars per baby, a set of TRU-BREAST TM units are included in the price of your pregnancy.

With TRU-BREAST TM around, why bother with other methods?

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Phone: 314-238-2010
Prices (including postage & handling): $1.50 for 15 copies; $4.00 for 50 copies; $5.50 for 100; $15.00 for 400; $32.00 for 1,000