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Best advice for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a beautiful period of a woman’s life. There might be some minor problems, but on the whole, the future mothers say that this is an unforgettable moment of time.

In order to avoid some issues that may happen, women should be very careful when choosing the hospital. This is an article from Consumers Report News which talks about this topic.


Advice to pregnant women: Choose your hospital carefully

Where you deliver your baby is a big factor in determining whether you’ll have a Cesarean section. Researchers who looked at nearly 600 hospitals nationwide found that C-section rates varied widely, from a low of 7 percent of all deliveries to 70 percent. Read the entire article here
Some advice, on the other hand, tend to be contrary to the truth. Everybody knows about the infamous warning related to drinking during pregnancy.
Natalie Gil writes an interesting article about this issue in in which she debunks this myth.

Why Alcohol Advice For Pregnant Women Is Overblown And Sexist

The video below tells us how much a pregnant woman can drink. Yes, she can actually drink without harming the baby

But, maybe, the best advice for a pregnant woman is to calm down and relax herself in a quiet, nice place. Such a nice place can be a condo and  there are belltown condos for sale right now.

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