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ProMoM's Executive Committee


ProMoM's Executive Committee handles the day-to-day operations of the organization. To send a question or comment, email us at You can also email each committee member by clicking on their name below..

Carrie Patterson, Board Member, Executive Director
Carrie Patterson, mom to a 3 year old breastfed daughter, has been with ProMoM since attending her first National Nurse Out in August 2002 when her daughter was 2 months old. Since that time Carrie has served as the Webmaster for ProMoM working mostly behind the scenes to maintain the website and create new features for members and users. In 2005 Carrie took on the role of National Nurse Out Director. She has a BA from Syracuse University in Psychology and volunteers for other organizations including La Leche League and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Carrie hopes that by working with ProMoM she will be able to better advocate for babies who deserve to be breastfed and in doing so, influence others to advocate for a mother's right to breastfeed as well. Carrie and her family live in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia

Dana Anagnostou, Founder and Legal Counsel
Dana Anagnostou is the founder of ProMoM, Inc. and currently serves as ProMoM's General Counsel. She has four happy, breastfed children, and is expecting a fifth child in February 2006. Professionally, Dana works as a corporate attorney in the Paris office of Kramer Levin, a law firm based in NYC. Her pro bono work includes advising other non-profits and political asylum cases. Dana founded ProMoM with the goal of "making the sight of a nursing mother commonplace in the United States." Her vision has set ProMoM on the road to being the first organization exclusively committed to promoting the image of breastfeeding in the public eye.

Leslie Kincaid Burby, Board Member, Vice President
Leslie Kincaid Burby is the mother of two active, happy breastfed sons. She frequently writes articles and essays for ProMoM, including 101 Reasons to Breastfeed; and is dedicated to seeing breastfeeding become the preferred feeding choice for all newborns. A paralegal by day and an actor by night, Leslie has 15 years of professional performance experience to her credit in regional theaters, off-Broadway and television. Recently, Leslie and her husband Joe, took on the direction of a nonprofit acting company specializing in theater for young audiences. In addition, Leslie has been a litigation paralegal at a major international law firm for the last 11 years, where she has pioneered a job share position with another working mother.

Sarah Munoz, Board Member
Sarah Munoz is the proud working mommy of two happy breastfed children: a daughter who weaned at 4.5 and a son who weaned at 5 years old. Sarah graduated from the University of Miami with a BA in English and a minor in Latin American Studies. In 2004 she passed her International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Exam and is now working for the Miami-Dade County WIC Breastfeeding Office. She also has 16 years experience as an Administrative Assistant at a major University. She joined ProMoM to help "spread the word about the benefits of breastfeeding to as many people as possible". Sarah hopes that someday soon breastfeeding will be welcomed as the normal, mainstream way to nourish and nurture babies and children everywhere in the U.S. Sarah is a founding member of ProMoM, has participated or led various committees and produced ProMoM's 2000 and 2002 Breastfeeding Calendars. She is a WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, has been a member of La Leche League International, and co-chair of the Dade County Breastfeeding Task Force.

Jackie Day, Board Member, 3 Minute Activist Committee
Jackie Day is a mom to an enthusiastic breastfed daughter, who is still happily nursing at 27 months old. She found ProMom in March of 2004 and has been thoroughly enjoying it ever since. She recently began writing 3MA letters for ProMom as a volunteer on the 3MA committee. Jackie is from Canada and has been a Registered Nurse since 1988. Previously Jackie worked as a traveling nurse in several states in the US over a 4 year period and eventually settled in Michigan, where she later met her husband, Larry. Presently Jackie works as a research nurse for the Women’s Health Research Department at Wayne State University in Detroit. She is committed to helping to normalize breastfeeding and hopes that being on the Board of Directors for ProMom will open her up to many more ways to achieve that task.

Cathy Theys, Board Member, 3 Minute Activist Committee
Cathy was born in 1974 while her parents were at school at Purdue. They moved to Auburn Indiana where she lived until she went back to Purdue for 7.5 years of school for Electrical Engineering degrees. She currently lives in Oak Park IL, and is a dog trainer ( Until this past May, Cathy was a computer science lecturer at the University of Illinois at Chicago for 6 years. She has two children; Ana (5/2002) was nursing until "only" 15 or so months, and Victoria (6/2004) is still nursing. She hopes to nurse for even longer this time! Cathy is currently a member of our 3 Minute Activist Committee and is the author or co-author of many of the letters now featured on our 3 Minute Activist page. Cathy was also the organizer of the 2005 Chicagoland Nurse Out.

Karla Grauberger, Board Member, Forums Administrator
Karla is Mom to 3 wonderful children. Her daughter, Michelle will be 9 years old in August and beginning 4th grade, who weaned at 29 months when Karla got pregnant with her twins. Michael and Jessica will be 6 years old in September and beginning kindergarten. Michael essentially weaned at 3.5 years after a nursing strike, though will still ask from time to time. Jessica is mostly weaned, now only nursing a couple times a month. She and her family live in northeast Iowa (Cedar Rapids metro area). Karla works full-time for Four Oaks, an agency which provides residential treatment, day programming, foster care, and special needs adoption services to families and children at risk. Over the past 11 years, she has worked in a variety of positions within residential treatment. Currently, she is a half night worker (3rd shift) half day worker (1st shift) in a group home program giving shelter and treatment services to 30 adolescents with behavioral and emotional disturbances. Karla is also a Pampered Chef Kitchen Consultant, a church organist, and a Brownie Girl Scout leader. Karla is also involved (via e-mail) with The Linn County Breastfeeding Task Force and served for several years on the Nursing Mothers Network of her local WIC clinic. Karla has been involved with ProMoM since the summer of 2001 and is currently the Forums Administrator. In addition to these other duties, Karla has also coordinated and participated in previous Nurse Out's in her area.

Kelly McCann, Board Member, Forums Moderator
Kelly first signed onto the Forums on October 7, 2001. When a call went out for moderators she volunteered and started helping out on Activism, Mothers and Social Corners, and for the NNO forums for 2004 and 2005. Kelly's first NNO as an organizer was in 2003, at the NJ State Aquarium. In 2004 she joined the Executive board and has spent all of my tenure thus far trying to figure out how to increase paid memberships. When Kelly is not changing the world one nursing session at a time, she is married to Stephen for going on 7 yrs, mama to Mary and Fiona for 4 yrs and 10 months, respectively. She works as a Mobile Intensive Care Unit paramedic in NJ, and in her copious free time she enjoys yoga, reading (especially East Indian and Latin authors), and cooking. In the future, Kelly would like to become a Lactation Consultant.