ProMoM Inc. - Promoting the awareness and acceptance of breastfeeding.

About ProMoM


In an e-mail sent out on April 14, 1997, one woman proposed the idea of creating a nonprofit organization for the promotion of breastfeeding. Many people who received that first letter were excited about the idea. Some of us were even excited enough to volunteer to be on the founding board. On May 27th, seven of us had our first board meeting via a conference call, and we've been meeting that way ever since.

ProMoM Mission Statement:

    "Promotion of Mother's Milk, Inc. (ProMoM) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness and public acceptance of breastfeeding. Breast milk is the perfect infant food, providing babies with ideal nutrition, immunity against disease, and optimal digestion. Many mothers are unaware of these benefits and may choose to formula feed because of embarrassment, fear of social ostracism or perceived inconvenience. Our mission at ProMoM is to educate the general public, the medical community, the media, and prospective and new parents about all of the substantial benefits of breastfeeding."

ProMoM is a nationally-based organization that seeks to mobilize members to educate the public, the media, the medical community and prospective and new parents about the benefits of breastfeeding and to promote the image of breastfeeding.


1. brings information regarding the benefits of breastfeeding to the general public on an ongoing basis, rather than waiting for expectant or nursing mothers to come to us.

2. is both pro-active and re-active. While we are interested in educating the media and the public on an ongoing basis, we are also able to quickly organize letter-writing campaigns in response to news articles and broadcasts, television programs, improper treatment of breastfeeding mothers, or other appropriate situations that are brought to our attention.

3. relies on the World Wide Web for storage of information regarding breastfeeding, serving as a clearinghouse for the many resources already available on the Web and as a means of communication with members.

4. is committed to working with other breastfeeding organizations whenever able.

5. encourages mothers (including mothers who work outside the home) to breastfeed exclusively for as long as possible, but recognizes the validity of all breastfeeding relationships.

6. is not a think-tank, a governmental policy or lobbying organization or a person-to-person breastfeeding support group.

ProMoM became incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization effective October 7, 1997. All contributions are tax deductible.