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Today's Parent (April 26, 2020)


Help us thank the magazine Today's Parent for their great article "Stop Blaming Nursing Moms" and mention you would like for them to continue to support breastfeeding by making a committment to no longer advertise formula.

You can contact Today's Parent by doing the following:

Go to the Today's Parent web site feedback form

Step 1 - Enter your contact information.
Step 2 - Copy and paste this letter or your own letter into the "your comments" field.

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Dear Today's Parent Editors,

Thank you for John Hoffman's wonderful December 2005 article "Stop blaming Nursing Moms". It is refreshing to see such a realistic article. Today's Parent's support of breastfeeding is great!

I would also like to see your magazine and your website stop advertising formula. Many media are careful about advertising harmful products like cigarettes. People who smoke or are exposed to second hand smoke are more likely to have cancer, asthma and other related health problems. Ironically, you advertise formula which also leads to higher rates of cancer (in the baby and mother) and asthma (in the baby) along with a slew of other health problems. See some of the health risks at and

Formula is a product that can save an infant's life if needed, but it does not need to be advertised and promoted without statements of the health risks in the advertisement.

I hope to one day write another thank you letter for your position to not advertise formula.