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Select Comfort: Kudos to you!


Select Comfort began running commercials that show breastfeeding in a very positive light! OUr readers took a minute to thank them for supporting such a worthwhile cause.

Jeffrey Anderson
Customer Service Email/Correspondence Representative
Select Comfort

Dear Mr. Anderson and Select Comfort:

As a breastfeeding mother and advocate for breastfeeding promotion, I'd like to thank you for promoting breastfeeding in your recent ad for the Sleep Number Bed* by Select ComfortTM! The ad shows an expectant couple sharing most of the symptoms of pregnancy and ends when the wife assures her husband that they will lose the weight when they start nursing. BRAVO!! Not only did you place breastfeeding in a normal accurate light, but you mentioned one very popular reason to breastfeed, weight loss for the mother (and in this case the father as well!).

As I am sure you are aware, the American Academy of Pediatrics has strongly recommended that women breastfeed their children for at least 12 months. This recommendation comes as a result of many studies that have demonstrated that breastfed children have lower risks of diarrhea, lower respiratory infections, ear infections, allergies, eczema, bacterial meningitis, and many other illnesses, as well as higher IQs. The list of benefits to both mother and child is extensive. It is odd that a society seemingly consumed with financial prosperity and safety is largely unwilling to make the investment in breastfeeding, despite its proven benefits to babies' health and cognitive development. The fact that Select Comfort had the wit and creativity to mention breastfeeding it one of its ads proves the progressive thinking behind the product; definitely the kind of company I will recommend and support. Thank you again and best wishes,