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The 3 Minute Activist
Passions: Please have Kay breastfeed her baby on your show!


In March, 2003 the character of Kay on the popular daytime television show Passions became a teen mother. Our readers sent the 3 Minute Activist letter below to encourage the producers of Passions to have Kay breastfeed on the show.

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New York, NY 10112

As a fan of Passions, I've been following the Kay storyline with much interest. Although I realize that teen pregnancy is a controversial issue, I believe you can make the most out of it by promoting healthy choices for Kay. One of the most important choices facing Kay will be her parenting style and infant nutrition. I would love to see Kay choose (enthusiastically) to breastfeed her baby, and show discussion about it and her actually feeding her baby on the show. For reference (and maybe Kay could quote some of this on the show!) here is a link to 101 Reasons to Breastfeed, including the numerous health benefits both for mom and baby, the convenience, and the benefits to our environment:

Your show is influential as well as entertaining and Kay is one of the more popular characters. Her decision to breastfeed would make sense since she always wants the best for herself... and now her baby.

Thank you for reading and considering my thoughts on this.