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The 3 Minute Activist


Send a letter to Kelly Rippa of Live with Regis and Kelly thanking her for the positive way she discusses breastfeeding her child.

To submit this letter:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your first name and email address in the boxes provided
  3. Change the "Subject" box to read "Comment about Kelly"
  4. Select the text of the letter below and copy it (press CTRL C)
  5. Paste the letter into the "Write your note here:" box on their site
  6. If you want to, modify the letter to personlize it
  7. Write a quick note on our discussion forum to let us know you participated!

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Dear Ms. Rippa,

Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! Although I understand your baby is no longer considered “newborn”, as a mother, I know children are an amazing gift and one never ceases to be gratified when congratulated!

I am heartened to see that your daughter is getting the best possible start in life, by being breastfed. I would like to commend you for speaking openly about the subject of breastfeeding on your show, and to interviewers. We know that breastmilk is the optimal and perfect way to feed our babies, and the exposure you have leant to the subject of breastfeeding can only improve the statistics. The media play such an important role in today’s society! I am thankful that you are using your place in it to promote and educate people about breastfeeding. I would therefore like to encourage you to please continue talking about breastfeeding as openly as you have in the past. We need more breastfeeding women in leadership roles to promote breastfeeding. Hopefully, with your efforts we can boost this nation’s woefully low rates for something as natural and wonderful as breastfeeding.

Thank you for your time,