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The 3 Minute Activist
House of Babies (March 07, 2021)


Help us thank the Discovery Health Channel for finally televising a birth show where the majority of the mothers and babies are shown nursing right after the birth.

You can contact The Discovery Health Channel and House of Babies by doing the following:

Go to the Discovery Health website

Step 1 - Select your age, fill in your contact information, choose the "network/program-related" option in the drop-down subject menu box, and click "Next".

Step 2 - Select "Discovery Health Channel" in the drop-down Network menu, fill in the rest of your information, and click "Next".

Step 3 - Select "Other" in the drop-down Program/Show menu, fill in the rest of your information, and click "Next".

Ste 4 - Select "Daytime" in the drop-down Program Time menu, select "General Question/Comment" in the drop-down Type of Information Needed menu, and copy and paste this letter or your own letter into the "comments" field.

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Dear Discovery Health Channel

Thank you for airing the program "House of Babies." It is refreshing to see a birth show that offers expectant parents a more natural viewpoint, including breastfeeding immediately postpartum. I think many mothers don't really consider that as an option. The media reinforces the idea that bottle feeding is the norm and breastfeeding can wait, if it is done at all, even though organizations such as La Leche Leage and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend nursing as soon as possible after birth, the sooner the better.;115/2/496

When I was pregnant I remember watching the array birth stories available and very rarely seeing breastfeeding. Seeing breastfeeding portrayed in such a positive way on TV will help many new mothers make this important decision. Thank you for airing such a wonderful program that provides women with more knowledge about their childbirth and breastfeeding.