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The 3 Minute Activist
Fisher-Price: Please stop giving away infant formula as part of your promotions.


**Update, we have removed this 3 Minute Activist Letter as Fisher Price no longer allows you to contac them via the web. If anyone can find an email address for the corporate office, let us know and we will reinstate this letter. Fisher Price is running a promotion geared at new mothers. They are giving away formula as part of the promotion. See Fisher Price's Ready*Set*Grow Promotion

You can contact Fisher Price to complain by doing the following:

Go to

Step 1 - Type in "Complaint" then click on "go"
Step 2 - Scroll to the bottom of their "Quick Clicks" list and choose "Contact Us"
Copy and Paste this letter or one you find more suitable...

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Neil Friedman, President
Laurie Oravec, Director of Public Relations

I am writing regarding your current Ready Set Grow Sweepstakes Promotion. I am concerned that giving away "Six-week supply of EnfamilŪ infant formula (your choice of formula) delivered to your home" fosters the impression that formula feeding is the "normal" and best way to feed our children.

The reality is that the American Academy of Pediatrics has described breastfeeding as "superior" to other methods of feeding. Research shows that breastfeeding decreases the incidence of infant illnesses such as diarrhea, ear infections and lower respiratory infection. Babies who are breastfed are less likely to die of sudden infant death syndrome. In addition, breastfeeding reduces the incidence of many major health challenges as they grow. For instance, breastfed babies are less likely to suffer from diabetes, leukemia, Chron's disease and breast cancer.

Breastfeeding, in the first few weeks after delivery, can be challenging for some mothers. It is a skill that is learned and developed between the mother and child. To encourage a mother to use formula over breastmilk undermines her potential success, and compromises the health of her baby.

Please remove the free formula from this promotion and refrain from offering such a prize in the future.

Thank you for your time.