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Fisher-Price: Please get rid of the bottle as a baby doll accessory!


This letter to Fisher-Price asks them to reconsider including bottles with baby dolls as it may foster the impression that bottle feeding is the normal and best way to feed babies. If you'd prefer to write a letter, you can send it to Fisher-Price, Inc., 636 Girard Avenue, East Aurora, NY 14052; Attention Neil Friedman, President and Laurie Oravec, Director of Public Relations.

To submit this letter:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your personal information in the boxes provided
  3. Change the Comment/question box to "Fisher-Price Toys"
  4. Enter "Loving Family dolls" in the product name box
  5. Select the text of the letter below and copy it (press CTRL C)
  6. Paste the letter into the "Comments:" box on their site
  7. If you want to, modify the letter to personlize it
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Neil Friedman, President
Laurie Oravec, Director of Public Relations

I am writing regarding your Loving Family(tm) line of dolls, specifically the baby with a bottle in her hand. I am concerned that the baby with a bottle fosters the impression that bottle feeding is the "normal" and best way to feed our children.

The reality is that even the American Academy of Pediatrics has described breastfeeding as "superior" to other methods of feeding. Research shows that breastfeeding decreases the incidence of diarrhea, ear infections and lower respiratory infection. In addition to these more minor, yet life-affecting illnesses of childhood, breastfeeding also reduces the incidence of many major health challenges. Babies who are breastfed are less likely to die of sudden infant death syndrome. As they grow, the benefits continue. These babies are less likely to suffer from diabetes, leukemia, Chrone's disease and breast cancer.

Please remove the bottle from the baby and substitute a neutral accessory such as a baby sling, rattle or other toy.

Thank you for your time.