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The 3 Minute Activist
Jet Blue Airlines (December 2003)


ProMoM was recently contacted by Dena Ferreira, a nursing mother who relayed that during a recent flight on Jet Blue Airways (December, 2003) she was repeatedly harassed by flight attendants who insisted that Jet Blue policy requires that breastfeeding mothers cover their child's head with a blanket while nursing. Dena has posted a copy of the letter detailing the incident in our Activism Forum.

SUCCESS! In response to letters from ProMoM, Jet Blue has clarified its policies and has stated its commitment to ensuring that breastfeeding mothers are treated with sensitivity in the future. Here is the response letter that we received:

Dear Ms. Anagnostou,

I appreciate hearing back from you and for your insights regarding the rights of nursing mothers. You may be interested to know that our VP of Inflight, Vicky Stemmons has also received a copy of your comments and has already addressed this matter personally with our inflight trainers and the crewmembers involved.

I think we are in agreement that our inflight crewmembers reaction to this specific situation was entirely inappropriate. As a result, we can assure you that we will educate and coach all of our inflight crewmembers about a nursing mother's rights. This includes respecting their preference to nurse where and when they choose, with or without covering.

Thank you again for offering your suggestions so that we can continue to improve our customer service and ensure nursing mothers feel comfortable traveling on JetBlue.

Michelle Hansen
Supervisor Customer Commitment
JetBlue Airways