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The Foundation for a Better Life


The Foundation for a Better Life is running an inspirational TV ad entitled "HOPE." See the Foundation for a Better Life Website, which unfortunately includes a brief spot of a baby being bottlefed. But what better start to life is there than breastmilk? Let's encourage them to revise the ad, or at least keep breastfeeding in mind in future campaigns.

You can contact The Foundation for a Better Life doing the following:

Go to their webiste

Step 1 - Enter your contact information.
Step 2 - Copy and Paste this letter or one you find more suitable...

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I enjoyed watching your "HOPE" ad, but was disappointed to see a baby being bottlefed in the context of ways of having a better life". Babies who are exclusively breastfed for at least 6 months have a much better chance of having a better life: they are sick less often, they are less likely to develop leukemia or diabetes, are less likely to be obese, and are 20% less likely to die in the first year of life.

We can't overlook the benefits to Mom's chance for a "better life" either. Mothers who breastfeed lower their risk of breast, ovarian and endometrial cancer and lose weight faster after the baby is born. For a full list of benefits to mother and child see

In showing a bottlefeeding baby rather than a mother nursing her child your ad implies that bottles are the natural, normal way that infants are fed, and that being bottlefed (rather than breastfed) will lead to a "better life".

Please consider changing this ad to reflect a baby's best chance at a better life - show a nursing mother, or, at a minimum, please keep breastfeeding in mind for future ad campaigns you run.