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ProMoM's Web site was designed to be easy to use and has changed a bit as it's grown up over the years. This page was created to help you easily navigate through our site. Contact us with any comments you have about the site.

Site Organization
Our site is organized into five areas: Breastfeeding Information, 101 Reasons to Breastfeed, Discussion Forums, 3-Minute Activist, Gallery, Shop, Site Map

Breastfeeding Information
Over 50 articles about breastfeeding covering a wide range of topics.

101 Reasons to Breastfeed
For this list, we've narrowed it down to 101 reasons to breastfeed.

Discussion Forums
This area contains several forums for asking questions.

3-Minute Activist
In the time that it takes to fill out your name and email address, you can be a breastfeeding activist! Our media committee keeps its eye out for opportunities to praise or criticize the media for its portrayals of breastfeeding and prepares letters that can be quickly submitted by those in the ProMoM community.

Our gallery includes fine art, photos and clip art. You can submit your own photo as well.

Help to support ProMoM's mission by buying items listed in our store or by purchasing products from affiliated companies through these links.

Yes, you can join ProMoM today. Here's where you find out what ProMoM is all about! Also included is information on our Board of Directors, our Professional Advisory Board, and even our Web site.

Site Map
You are on this page now. Use the search page to find a particualr article.

Menu Bars
Menu bars have been provided to help you navigate through the site. At the top of each page is a menu bar that provides links to our eight main areas. Most areas (such as the breastfeeding gallery) have additional navigation features to help you get around in those subareas.

Getting Around
All links are in red, and none of them are underlined. This was done to present a clean, uncluttered look and to improves readability of the pages. Most text is in black, but may appear in teal or white in some places.

Changes from older versions
It's often said that the only thing constant is change; our site is not an exception to this rule. As our site matures, you'll notice changes; we often incorporate changes to our website based on user feedback. For example, the site used to use frames, but user feedback showed that frames got in the way of bookmarking individual pages for later reference and that some users had older browsers. So, now, no frames. Other feedback told us that it was easy to get lost in the site and forget where things were housed, so we made the site organization clearer and included site menu bars on every page and area menu bars in others.


Many people have spent many, many hours on designing the site. The most recent look was designed by Bianco Hopkins & Assoc., Inc. under the direction of the current webmaster, Elaine Danner. Previously designs we done by Randy Kruzan and Mermaid Design. Many thanks to Kelly Kilmer for her continued support and direction.

On behalf of all ProMoM Staff, thank you for your continued support!

Elaine Danner
Web Site Manager